Donald Roos

Head of Design
Planet X Technologies

Donald Roos is Head of Design at Planet X Technologies, a division of Planet X Studios, for Setellite, the leading VFX on-set data collection and management platform. An accomplished art director, author, instructor, and graphic designer, Roos has forged a unique path as a creative entrepreneur. In his current role, he is pivotal in co-managing the Setellite feature set and developer team, and website content and design. He is also responsible for Setellite’s graphic user interface to ensure the platform continues to deliver value and outstanding customer experience.

Over the past 20 years, Roos has earned extensive design expertise specializing in typography. Through his joint venture affiliation with Planet X Title Design, a division of Planet X Studios, his graphic designs have appeared on large-screen feature films and numerous small-screen projects, apps, and websites. He is also a recognized conference speaker on the subject of typography, speaking at industry events such as TYPOBerlin and TypeAmsterdam.

Roos graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2001 with a specialty in typographic and type design. From 2008 to 2016, he lectured on this topic at the Academy in the graphic design department. He is also the author of the popular “Don’t Read This Book – Time Management for Creative People.” The handbook centers on his professional experiences and the common struggles among students and independent creative professionals to offer insights on stimulating creativity and productivity – principles he applies to the design of the Setellite app.

Roos lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two digital native toddlers. He enjoys drawing, watching movies, art museums, and cooking with his homegrown vegetables. 


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