Kasper Oerlemans - Head of the Visual Effects and immersive Media Department, Netherlands Film Academy

The Netherlands Film Academy (NFA), located in Amsterdam, trains students to become specialists in the film industry. Setellite is integrated into the Visual Effects and Immersive Media Department curriculum to provide students with practical on-set VFX data collection knowledge and experiences.

The department, headed by Kasper Oerlemans, is a veteran VFX professional who graduated from the NFA in 2007. Oerlemans’ professional experience includes spending eight years at the award-winning Dutch post-production company, Filmmore as a VFX artist and supervisor. In 2015, together with other VFX supervisors (including Dennis Kleyn, CEO Planet X Studios), he started the NVX, the Dutch VFX Society, and in the same year, began working at the NFA as a VFX coach. Oerlemans became full-time head of the Visual Effects and Immersive Media Department a year later.

Oerlemans explains that a couple of the Netherlands Film Academy teachers are professional on-set supervisors. “For us, it was a no-brainer to include Setellite as the tool to train and prepare our students for on-set VFX data collection,” he says. “The app offers the best way to organize and streamline online work, even when collaborating with a large team of people on-set.”

Collaborating with the Netherlands Film Academy, the Planet X Technologies team provides hands-on Setellite training and education classes to help students use the app efficiently. Additionally, Oerlemans adds that second-year VFX students are required to take a workshop on how to use Setellite. In the weeks following, as part of what he calls the “greenscreen exercise,” students shoot a greenscreen video and use Setellite to collect and organize all the set data.

“We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration with Planet X Technologies and their investment of time and resources to help students learn the techniques they will need to elevate their professional understanding of Setellite for their set work,” states Oerlemans. “It is the best tool for the job!”


The first 7 days are free of charge so you can explore Setellite before setting up your payment details.