Jonathan Hancock - FX Supervisor Lexhag VFX

Lexhag Visual Effects is a story-first visual effects studio with an experienced team of makers, image-smiths, artists, and technicians. Based in London and across the UK, the studio combines cutting-edge digital effects, virtual production, and traditional filmmaking techniques to create award-winning content.


Setellite has been in use at Lexhag for about six years as an on-set VFX data collection and management solution helping the team deliver innovative creative solutions to high-end film, television and commercial productions. Recent projects include, The Pale Horse, Troubled Blood, The Witchfinder, Riches, The Midwich Cuckoos, Alexander The Great, and GANNI x Levi’s.

“We love Setellite and use it on every project. It’s a brilliant productivity tool to have on set, providing one place to capture, manage and share all the data we need,” says Jonathan Hancock, VFX Supervisor, Lexhag VFX. “No need for notes in one place, reference photos in another, and shot info in another — with Setellite it’s all there. And when we’re done, we simply export a PDF from the app that contains all the information nicely laid out. Perfect!”

The Witchfinder


The Midwich Cuckoos

GANNI x Levi’s


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