Dennis Kleyn, NVX

Founder, CEO and VFX supervisor/VP producer
Planet X Technologies

Dennis Kleyn is the founder and CEO of Planet X Technologies, committed to developing robust software and solutions for VFX, virtual production, and post-production. For Setellite, the company’s flagship VFX on-set data collection platform, Kleyn directs the product management team to ensure goals and objectives are aligned with the developer and design teams and supervises marketing strategy and customer experience.

Kleyn is a recognized film industry veteran and technology innovator. In 2002 he graduated from the Dutch Film Academy and switched to visual effects filmmaking after two years of directing. Two years later he founded Planet X, which is today among the most prominent studios in the Netherlands, providing creative visual effects for top-end feature film and television productions with a dedicated team of more than twenty VFX artists. Notable projects include Borgman (Cannes Selection 2013), Dragon Girl, Dirty Lines (Netflix), Close (Grand Prix Cannes 2022).

In 2012, Under Kleyn’s direction, Planet X Technologies, in conjunction with creative technology company Unwind, released Setellite, the most used on-set VFX data organizing and productivity solution. Setellite is used by VFX professionals worldwide working for clients such as Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Amazon Studios, AMC, Paramount +, and many others.

In March 2022, on behalf of Planet X Technologies, Kleyn co-founded ReadySet Studios, a new virtual production studio located in Amsterdam. ReadySet welcomes content creators from around the globe to make use of its state-of-the-art virtual production facilities to realize outstanding in-camera VFX.

Kleyn is actively involved in the Dutch VFX community as chairman of the Dutch VFX Association (NVX), which he co-founded in 2014, and board member for the NPA, the Netherlands Post-production Alliance. He is also a regular contributor to the post-production training programs organized by APostLab, which teams up with industry-leading organizations such as Netflix to provide high-end international workshops.


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